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Spiritual Care and Religious Services

Our interfaith chaplaincy services are available to all patients and families at CHAM. We strive to support the comprehensive well-being of our patients, families and staff in the utilization of faith and other resources. Our ultimate goal is to support the healing process and reduce stress and uncertainty while promoting a feeling of peace.

Our customized services attend to your specific spiritual and emotional needs, whether you are affiliated with an organized religion or not. We create an opportunity for discussion on personal needs, concerns, fears, prayer and reflection. As a place of assurance and hope, we allow you to choose how your support needs are met, holding your hand throughout the journey.

 CHAM interfaith program services include:

  • Visiting patients and families for spiritual dialogue and comfort
  • Praying with patients and families
  • Counseling 
  • Providing sacramentals, rosaries, bibles, prayer booklets and other coping materials when available
  • Conducting baptism for children and infants
  • Administering holy communion
  • Blessing patients before procedures
  • Providing final blessings and conducting bereavement services
  • Conducting Mincha and Shabbath services
  • Providing  Islamic literature and prayer booklets
  • Conducting services for other religious beliefs

Moses Interfaith Chapel

Moses Interfaith Chapel, located in the Silver Zone in Montefiore Hospital across from the Food Pavilion, is available for people of all religious affiliations. Open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Catholic Holy Mass

Monday–Friday at noon

Sunday at 10:00 am

Muslim Daily Prayers

1:00–2:30 pm

Moses Synagogue

The synagogue is located in Montefiore Hospital, opposite the second floor Gold Zone entrance, in Rosenthal 1.

Mincha Services

MondayThursday at 2:00 pm

Sabbath and Major Holidays

9:0011:00 am

The Jewish Hospitality Room

Located on the first floor of Rosenthal South, the Jewish Hospitality Room is available for quiet contemplations, prayers, rest and kosher foods.

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