Pediatric Residency Program

Pediatric Residency Program

Pediatric Residency — Meet the Residents

Chief Residents

  • Joanne Anthonypillai, MD

    Joanne Anthonypillai, MD (Social Pediatrics)

    Albert Einstein College of Medicine

  • Lisa Goto, MD

    Lisa Goto, MD

    Drexel University College of Medicine

  • Gabrielle Jasmin, DO, MS

    Gabrielle Jasmin, DO, MS

    Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Gina Ramirez, MD

    Gina Ramirez, MD

    Emory University School of Medicine

First-Year Residents

    Second-Year Residents

    • Mauricio-Borda-MD.png

      Mauricio Borda, MD

      (Child Neurology)

      University of Illinois Chicago School of Medicine

    • Diana-Braver-DO.png

      Diana Braver, DO

      University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

    • Jessica-Briggs-DO.png

      Jessica Briggs, DO

      Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

    • Monica-Castle-MD.png

      Monica Castle, MD

      Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    • Minh-Dien-Duong-MD-MS.png

      Minh Dien Duong, MD, MS

      University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City

    • Noah-Elkins-MD.png

      Noah Elkins, MD

      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Eryn-Fox-MD.png

      Eryn Fox, MD

      Sackler School of Medicine

    • Helene-Glickman-MD.png

      Helene Glickman, MD


    • Alejandro-Hermida-MD-MS.png

      Alejandro Hermida, MD, MS

      (Social Pediatrics)

      University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

    • Isha-Kachwala-MD.png

      Isha Kachwala, MD

      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Isuree-Katugampala-MD.png

      Isuree Katugampala, MD

      (Social Pediatrics)

      SUNY Downstate

    • Devon-Lawrence-MD.png

      Devon Lawrence, MD

      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Hannah-Levine-MD.png

      Hannah Levine, MD

      Sidney Kimmel Medical Thomas Jefferson

    • Lucy-Li-MD.png

      Lucy Li, MD

      Boston University School of Medicine

    • Julia-Mandsager-Komatsu-MD-MPH.png

      Julia Mandsager Komatsu, MD, MPH

      University of Minnesota Medical School

    • Julia-Mandsager-Komatsu-MD-MPH.png

      Amelia Mackarey, MD

      Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

    • Charles-Moon-III-MD.png

      Charles Moon, III, MD

      (Social Pediatrics)

      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Gabrielle-Robertson-MD.png

      Gabrielle Robertson, MD

      Sackler School of Medicine

    • Anamika-Saha-MD-MPH.png

      Anamika Saha, MD, MPH

      (Social Pediatrics)

      University of Washington

    • Diana-Sandmeyer-MD.png

      Diana Sandmeyer, MD

      New York University School of Medicine

    • Carolina-Tamashiro-MD.png

      Carolina Tamashiro, MD

      Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Fundação Universitária do ABC

    • Allyson-Tank-MD.png

      Allyson Tank, MD

      University of Chicago

    • Mirelle-Thaler-MD.png

      Mirelle Thaler, MD

      Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

    • Heidi-Van-MD.png

      Heidi Van, MD

      Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

    • Tina-Vridhachalam-MD.png

      Tina Vridhachalam, MD

      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Juliette-Whitney-MD.png

      Juliette Whitney, MD

      Universidad de Guayaquil Facultad de Ciencias Médicas

    • Clare-Wynne-MD.png

      Clare Wynne, MD

      University of Massachusetts Medical School

    • Mona-Yuan-MD.png

      Mona Yuan, MD

      Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

    • Wenyuan-Zhou-MD.png

      Wenyuan Zhou, MD

      Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Medicine

    • Rachelle-Zipper-MD.png

      Rachelle Zipper, MD

      Technion Israel Institute of Technology

    Third-Year Residents

    • Aimee-Belak-MD.png

      Aimee Belak, MD

      University of Maryland

    • Mariam-Bhuiyan-MD-MPH.png

      Mariam Bhuiyan, MD,


      Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

    • Frances-Bullard-MD.png

      Frances Bullard, MD

      New York Medical College

    • Keven-Cabrera-MD.png

      Keven Cabrera, MD

      Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

    • Raymond-Cai-MD.png

      Raymond  Cai, MD

      Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    • Courtney-Caminiti-MD-MPH.png

      Courtney Caminiti, MD, MPH

      Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

    • Marissa-Cardillo-MD.png

      Marissa Cardillo, MD

      (Social Pediatrics)


    • Daniel-Casteline-MD.png

      Daniel Casteline, MD

      Netter School of Medicine

    • Joseph-Chapman-MD.png

      Joseph Chapman, MD

      SUNY Downstate

    • Sunil-Chickmagalur-MD.png

      Sunil Chickmagalur, MD

      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Lily-Deng-MD-MS.png

      Lily Deng, MD, MS

      Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

    • Tanvi-Devi-DO.png

      Tanvi Devi, DO

      A.T. Still School of Medicine

    • Kathryn-Georgiadis-MD.png

      Kathryn Georgiadis, MD

      Drexel College of Medicine

    • Joshua-Gorlick-MD.png

      Joshua Gorlick, MD

      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Shenel-Heisler-DO.png

      Shenel Heisler, DO

      Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

    • Matthew-Holm-MD.png

      Matthew Holm, MD

      (Social Pediatrics)

      University of Washington

    • Andrea-Kablanian-MD-MPH.png

      Andrea Kablanian, MD, MPH

      George Washington University

    • Susan-Kim-MD-MS.png

      Susan Kim, MD, MS

      University of Washington

    • Michael-Luke-MD.png

      Michael Luke, MD, GH

      (Social Pediatrics)

      Hofstra/Northwell School of Medicine

    • Jennifer-Mena-MD.png

      Jennifer Mena, MD (Social Pediatrics)

      University of Pittsburgh

    • Dana-Neugut-MD.png

      Dana Neugut, MD

      Columbia University Vagelos College of P&S

    • Daniel-Schwab-MD.png

      Daniel Schwab, MD

      New York Medical College

    • Naomi-Schwartz-MD.png

      Naomi Schwartz, MD

      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Frances-Shi-MD.png

      Frances Shi, MD

      SUNY Downstate

    • Ye-Sun-MD-MPH.png

      Ye Sun, MD, MPH

      University of Connecticut

    • Radhika-Teli-MD.png

      Radhika Teli, MD

      University of Cinncinnati

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