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SPEAK UP Guidelines for Patients & Families

The most positive care outcomes occur when patients are proactive. Customer Services encourages patients and families to SPEAK UP:

State your concerns, ask questions and if you don’t understand, ask again.

Pay attention to the care you receive. Tell your doctor or nurse if something doesn’t seem right about the medications or treatments you are receiving.

Educate yourself about the diagnosis, medical tests and treatment plan. (One source: the Medical Library on this site.)

Ask a trusted family member or friend to be an advocate. Work together to be sure all important questions are being raised and remedies pursued.

Know what medications you take, the dosage and how often. Share information about current medications before new ones are prescribed. Ask about side effects and how well different medications work together.

Understand the follow-up care that’s needed. If patient or family are concerned about managing that care, request a visit with a social worker.

Participate in all decisions about your treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion.