Montefiore’s Team-Based Collaborative Care Program

We believe the best way to manage children and adults with chronic disabilities is through the collaborative care of a multidisciplinary team of highly trained, dedicated specialists. The Function team at Montefiore Medical Center works closely together as a cohesive group, each with a clear understanding of the others’ skills and disciplines.


We meet and communicate regularly with each other. We educate our patients and their families about their disabilities. We provide coordinated interventions, both at Montefiore and in the community, that minimize or eliminate the disability’s impact on the patient’s daily function, to help them to lead full, meaningful lives.

Contact Function: A Collaborative Program for Chronic Disability

For More Information Contact:
844-GET-FUNCTION (1-844-438-3862)
or 718-920-7707
Texting/SMS: 1-347-709-3309