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Researchers at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore have been setting trends in medicine for years through a commitment to scientific research and clinical trials.

Programs like the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center conduct a broad range of investigations that advance our understanding of epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

From bench to bedside, our investigative spectrum pairs technology with a holistic patient-focused approach to better understand the role that genetics play in epilepsy, examine the pathophysiology of seizures, and evaluate new treatments for patients with seizures. Our pediatric neurology research sets trends that advance treatment options.

Active Clinical Trials

Trial Description
Disease / Condition
Principal Investigator
Trial DescriptionClinical characterization of the pre-ictal state in the pediatric population: A caretaker's perspective on seizure prediction IRB# 2013-2455
Disease/ConditionBrain and Neurological
Principal InvestigatorSheryl Haut, MD
Contact Puja Patel
(917) 205-7283
Email Contact
Trial DescriptionInfantile Spasms Multicenter Database IRB# 13-01-027
Disease/ConditionBrain and Neurological
Principal InvestigatorElissa Yozawitz, MD
Contact Elissa Yozawitz, MD
(718) 920-4378
Email Contact
Trial DescriptionMaintenance Chemotherapy or Observation Following Induction Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy in Treating Younger Patients With Newly Diagnosed Ependymoma - Click here for more informationIRB# 10-07-196
Disease/ConditionBrain and Neurological
Principal InvestigatorJonathan Gill, MD
Contact Joyce Brown
(718) 741-2356
Email Contact
Trial DescriptionStudy to Evaluate the Long-term Safety and Tolerability of USL261 in Patients With Seizure Clusters - Click here for more informationOCT11-0108B; IRB# 11-10-322
Disease/ConditionBrain and Neurological
Principal InvestigatorAlexis Boro, MD
Contact Elan Shoulders, MPH
(718) 920-2898
Email Contact
Trial DescriptionStudy to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of USL261 (Intranasal Midazolam) in Patients With Seizure Clusters (ARTEMIS1) - Click here for more informationIRB# 11-10-127
Disease/ConditionBrain and Neurological
Principal InvestigatorAlexis Boro, MD
Contact Elan Shoulders
(718) 920-2898
Email Contact
Trial DescriptionThe use of Virtual Reality Games to Enhance Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy. A pilot Study IRB# 2008-347
Disease/ConditionBrain and Neurological
Principal InvestigatorMaria Valicenti-McDermott, MD
Contact Maria Valicenti-McDermott, MD
(718) 430-8600 Ext 6275
Email Contact
Trial DescriptionVALENS: A Ph 1/2, Random'd, Open-Label, Ascending-Dose, Delayed-Treatment Concurrent Control Clinical Study to Evaluate Safety/Preliminary Efficacy of AT342, an AAV8-Delivered Gene Transfer Therapy in Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Subjects Aged 1 Yr and Older - Click here for more information2017-7918
Disease/ConditionBrain and Neurological
Crigler-Najjar Syndrome
Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases
Heart and Vascular Diseases
Metabolic Diseases
Principal InvestigatorNadia Ovchinsky, MD
Contact Sharon Thomas

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