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Our faculty members have a wide range of clinical and research interests and ongoing investigations. Current topics include:

  • Pain control after adenoidectomy: Do glucocorticoids help?
  • Taking the “sting” out of propofol: Dose response of adding lidocaine to propofol
  • Chronic pain management of sickle cell disease
  • The iPad: More effective than a traditional pharmaceutical premedication?
  • Testing a novel analgesic for children after surgery
  • Smartphones as a resource for critical information transfer at the point of care: Are we safer?
  • Analysis of pediatricians’ knowledge gaps when ordering an “MRI with sedation”
  • Noise analysis in the pediatric operating room: Is it hazardous to our patients or to us?
  • The use of new technology in transcutaneous oximetry for children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Anesthetic impact on neurodevelopment in small children
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