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Conditions We Treat

When you're concerned about something as important as your child's breathing, hearing or speaking ability, you want to see the best pediatric physicians in New York City. The Division of Otolaryngology, commonly known as the ear, nose and throat division, offers superior advantages because we're located within a major children's hospital. That means we have multidisciplinary specialists in all areas of pediatric medicine, from craniofacial care to speech therapy, on staff and in-house.

We welcome families with all levels of problems, from the commonplace to the complex. Our patients are typically healthy children with everyday ear, nose and throat problems (such as ear infections, sinus issues, snoring and sleep apnea, tonsillitis); children with complex medical situations (Down syndrome, airway birth defects, hearing loss); and children with unusual problems (deafness, voice and communication problems, tracheotomy tubes, inability to swallow, head and neck tumors).

Is your child experiencing hearing loss or trouble understanding others? CHAM also has New York City's only pediatric cochlear implantation program headquartered in a children's hospital. Cochlear implantation is the most sophisticated method of hearing enhancement available today. It uses a tiny, state-of-the-art auditory sensor to transmit signals directly to a child's brain, enabling him or her to clearly recognize music, conversation and other common sounds.


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