Pediatric Residency Program

Pediatric Residency Program

Pediatric Residency Endorsements

Resident Endorsements

Dalton Haslam, PGY-2.jpgDalton Haslam, MD

I learn by doing and at CHAM I have had an abundance of opportunities to see both common disease processes manifested in a myriad of ways and rare diseases and syndromes. Every patient teaches me a little more and has allowed me to gain confidence and skills in disease management, a confidence that I don't think I would have been able to develop without the exposure I have been privileged to experience here at CHAM. In addition to my interactions with patients, I also really appreciate the support that we as residents receive from our attendings and program directors. They work closely with us not only while caring for patients but also outside of our clinical duties. They are aware that each resident has unique interests and viewpoints and provide support to those that want to pursue their interests further. Ultimately, the patients, attendings, faculty and especially my fellow residents at CHAM create an environment that has helped me achieve my goals and feel a part of something bigger than myself. CHAM is exactly where I want to be. 

Deborah Me, MDDeborah Me, MD

As a non–New Yorker, I was initially attracted to CHAM because of its dedication as a hospital to the physical, mental and social health of all children in the Bronx community. I knew I wanted to train in a busy urban center that saw all sorts of rare pathologies and subspecialty patients, but also a good amount of bread-and-butter pediatrics, which is exactly what CHAM offers. As a fourth-year visiting student, I was impressed by the camaraderie of the residents and their quality of training, so much so that I ranked CHAM number 1. I'm confident that by the end of my residency I'll be well equipped for whatever follows because the attendings are not only outstanding role models as clinicians but are fully supportive of resident education and allow us growing autonomy to eventually become independent, competent providers. I love the patient population that we are privileged to serve, and the immeasurable value in the diversity that comes with working in the Bronx. But probably best of all would be my co-residents. Throughout intern year I've been blessed with the most amazing people in the world as colleagues, people who always step in when you need help and have your back when things are rough and are always down to have fun even after grueling shifts. I'm so happy I chose CHAM–I wouldn't want to train anywhere else.

Jennifer Peralta, MDJennifer Peralta, MD

When applying for residency programs, I knew that I wanted a program that would provide me with excellent clinical exposure in a challenging yet supportive learning environment, and enable me to continue my previous work serving underserved communities. It quickly became apparent that CHAM met and exceeded these expectations. I became truly impressed with CHAM's dedication to providing innovative, quality care as the leading pediatric medical center in the Bronx with a strong sense of service and social justice. I felt that the mission of CHAM embodied many of the same values that made me want to pursue medicine. As a resident, I continue to be impressed with the breadth of general pediatric and medically complex pathology we are exposed to as well as the dedication of our accomplished faculty to our learning and educational growth. I couldn't ask for a better group of intelligent, hard-working and supportive co-residents to share this experience with, and along with our amazing program directors, we truly feel like a "CHAMily." I feel completely confident knowing that my time at CHAM will have played an essential part toward becoming a clinically and culturally competent pediatrician committed to serving culturally and medically diverse patient populations.


Alumni Endorsements

Rochelle Maxwell, MDRochelle Maxwell, MD
Class of 2014

I knew CHAM was the place I wanted to do residency by the time I was halfway through my Pediatric Hematology-Oncology elective as a visiting fourth-year medical student. I was impressed by the balanced emphasis on teaching, learning and patient care and the overall warmth with which I was received by everyone I met. CHAM sees itself as an integral part of the community and continuously finds innovative ways to expand to better serve the needs of the children of the Bronx. I was fortunate enough to spend three years learning from some of the smartest people in the field of pediatrics, without ever feeling intimidated, and growing as a physician with some of the most wonderful co-residents I could have ever asked for. The relationships I have built here, with patients, co-residents, fellows, attendings, nurses and everyone else that makes this hospital tick, have been invaluable. 

As residency drew to a close, I knew I was not ready for my time at CHAM to end. I spent a year as a hospitalist in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit and just graduated from the CHAM fellowship in Hematology-Oncology. This is the environment that has nurtured me into becoming the physician I am today, and there truly is nowhere else I would rather be.  

Aroop Kar, MDAroop Kar, MD
Class of 2015

In looking at a number of similar large academic programs, what ultimately drew me to CHAM were the people. I knew that the quality of my residency training would largely be a function of the faculty who mentor me, the residents I work with, and the patients I treat. The faculty at CHAM are more than just outstanding physicians and researchers; they clearly make resident education a top priority. Residents are fully supported in all aspects of patient care, while given the autonomy to formulate their own medical decisions and develop into confident and independent clinicians. Equally important to me has been the opportunity to work alongside the most compassionate and dependable co-residents I could ask for. The atmosphere at CHAM is far from competitive or isolating; it is one of mutual support and companionship that has resulted in close friendships extending well beyond the walls of the hospital. Finally, what truly distinguishes CHAM from other institutions is the patient population it treats. As the premier children’s hospital of the Bronx, CHAM is uniquely situated to expose trainees to unparalleled cultural and socioeconomic diversity as well as a wide variety of pathology in both general and subspecialty pediatrics. I believe that it is this diversity of exposure that has enriched my training in a way that few other programs could, and has played an essential role in preparing me to become the most well-rounded pediatrician I can be.

Katherine Baeder, MDKatherine Baeder, MD
Class of 2016

I looked at CHAM because I was interested in coming to the New York area, and I picked this program specifically because I was looking for a large, busy, academic center. What I loved about CHAM after my interview day was that it saw itself as the community hospital for the Bronx. This has stayed true after I started residency—not only are there amazing resources with brilliant physicians, but the whole culture is about serving our patients. We act as a referral center for the Bronx and beyond, but we're also centered on providing comprehensive care for every need of every patient. My favorite part of CHAM, though, are my colleagues. There's such a spirit of fun and collaboration and learning, from the program directors to all the residents and to all of the staff. I really feel like I'm wholly supported to develop into the pediatrician I want to be. 

Gabriella Dauer, MDGabriella Dauer, MD
Class of 2017

I am so grateful to my amazing education from CHAM after my first night as an attending! We had very sick kids on the floor and admitted a number of more complicated cases with ease. I was called down to the ER by an attending who is pediatric emergency medicine trained. After chatting with her over the phone about her patient, she said, "Wow, you must be a seasoned attending!" Then, when I went down to the ER, she said, "Wait, you are so young!" so I told her I just graduated from residency at CHAM. I thank my lucky stars for picking such an amazing educational program and feel confident as an attending thanks to all I have learned at CHAM.

Jackeline UrrutiaJackeline Urrutia-Monteleone, MD
Class of 2018

As a student at Einstein, I was well aware of the excellent education and training experience CHAM had to offer. I was even more impressed by the residents. Everyone was warm, confident and competent. During my rotations I felt challenged and motivated to work hard. When looking at residency programs during the interview season, I found myself comparing all programs to CHAM. Thus, it became evident to me that CHAM was where I needed to be. As a resident, CHAM still continued to impress me. The program provided an outstanding training with a unique, diverse patient population. This enriching environment only got better with the amazing co-residents, fellows, attendings and program directors. I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a great CHAMily! 


Fellow Endorsements

Dr-Gans.jpgMelissa Gans, MD 
Allergy/Immunology Fellow, Former Pediatric Resident  

I looked at pediatric programs across the country for residency but when I interviewed at CHAM and met the residents and faculty, I knew I found a home for my training. CHAM is the perfect hybrid, combining a quaternary care referral center with a local hospital for the Bronx community. The faculty are both renowned experts and down-to-earth and compassionate. During my 3 years of pediatrics residency, I received a strong foundation in inpatient and outpatient medicine that left me well prepared and not afraid to manage any pediatric patient walking through the door. From the breadth of diagnoses, perfect balance of independence and guidance, exceptional educational curriculum, and support to pursue extracurricular and research interests, the training at CHAM is phenomenal. My co-residents, fellows, and faculty far exceeded their roles as coworkers and became my CHAMily. Residency is tough, regardless of the hospital you are in, but at CHAM, it was also enjoyable. I know I made the right decision in choosing CHAM for residency and to stay on as a fellow in Allergy & Immunology. 

Ray-Lorenzoni.jpgRay Lorenzoni, MD 
Pediatric Cardiology Fellow, Former Pediatric Resident  

I will admit it up front, I am a big fan of Montefiore, the Children’s Hospital “CHAM,” and its credo. Montefiore leaves no patient behind and actively recruits not just good clinicians but good people. It is a close-knit community yet has the breadth and facilities of a top institution, including Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Plus, it’s in NYC without all the hassle. CHAM has been my home for Pediatric Residency and now for Pediatric Cardiology training. I pride myself on being high-achieving and well-rounded. Montefiore is the same way. Recently, in the same breath, Montefiore leadership (physicians, by the way) announced another hospital joining our community, new $6M of NIH funding, a defiant stance on national public health policy that it disagrees with, and a Tribeca Film Festival award. It does all of these things because it can, in the name of improving patient care. Montefiore lives up to its credo. That makes it both an exciting and fulfilling place to build a career. None of us choose where we will be for training (the algorithm does it for us), but there are places you want to end up. Montefiore is one of those places.  

Katherine Baeder, MDNora Rahmani, MD
Hematology-Oncology Fellow, Former Pediatric Resident

When making my rank list for residency, putting CHAM first was the obvious choice. There are many reasons that drew me to CHAM. First of all, the patient population is exceptional. As a children’s hospital in the heart of the Bronx, CHAM brings in many patients of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. This exposed me to a large volume of patients with a wide array of pathology that, as a resident, I was the first in line to treat. By the end of my residency, I became proficient in treating the most common and basic pediatric disease processes as well as experienced in caring for those with the most rare and complex pathology—all because I trained at CHAM. In addition to the amazing patient population, the attendings, program directors and fellows at CHAM enriched my training and learning experience with their investment in my education and with the autonomy they gave me in patient care. Finally, and most importantly, at CHAM I was surrounded by the most supportive and hard-working co-residents. We were all there for each other and only want to help each other be the best pediatricians that we can be. I could not be happier to be a part of the CHAM family and look forward to spending three more years here for fellowship.


Faculty Endorsements

Daniel M. Fein, MDDaniel M. Fein, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Associate Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
Co-Director of the Pediatric Resident Research Course
Former CHAM Resident, Chief Resident, and Emergency Medicine Fellow

The residency program at CHAM seemed like one where I would get the best possible training. I felt I would be exposed to a wide range of disease processes and that I would get the opportunity to actively participate in the care of these patients (and not just do what I was told to do).

The best part(s) of residency were the people at CHAM. Some of my best friends were my co-residents. It certainly is the ultimate bonding experience. Additionally, I really loved the fellows and attendings I interacted with at CHAM. From my clinic preceptor to the ICU and ED attendings people were thoughtful, insightful and academic and managed to not only focus on the tasks at hand but also on my education as a physician.

My decision to stay as a faculty member was primarily based upon the people I knew I would be working with—both in my division (Pediatric Emergency Medicine) and in the department as a whole. I enjoy the academic nature of  CHAM along with the camaraderie between the attendings. I enjoy education and working with medical students and residents from all disciplines and knew that I wanted to make this a focus of my career—and these opportunities all exist here at CHAM.

Kerry Morrone, MDKerry Morrone, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Hematology/Oncology
Director, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship
Former CHAM Resident, Chief Resident, and Hematology/Oncology Fellow

I chose CHAM because it provided a broad medical background in an urban setting, yet had a community feeling. Montefiore does not settle for "great care" but strives for excellence, and because it is always evaluating itself, it forces the residents and fellows to do so likewise. I wanted a program that was striving for excellence and would allow the house staff to participate and provide input in its growth. The most rewarding part of residency is being able to acquire the skills to appropriately assess and treat a patient, and forming a bond where the patient identifies you as "their doctor."

Jamal Harris, MD, MPH Jamal Harris, MD, MPH
Assistant Medical Director, Montefiore School Health Program
Former CHAM Social Pediatrics Resident and Chief Resident

I chose CHAM for my pediatric residency for its deep commitment to providing world-class pediatric care to the children of the Bronx. The clinical training I received was top notch, but it was the sense of community, both inside the residency and Montefiore’s work as committed member of the Bronx community, that drew me back to Montefiore as an attending.

Jillian Parekh, MDJillian Parekh, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Academic General Pediatrics
Co-Director of Pediatric Ethics and Humanism Course
Former CHAM Resident and Chief Resident

I still remember the moment I walked into CHAM for the first time for my residency interview. I was coming from out of state and I felt like I had found a hidden treasure in the middle of the Bronx. I remember explaining to my family that I had to go back for a second look because the day seemed too good to be true. But it is now 12 years later, and I still happily call CHAM my home away from home. I was drawn here because of the residency's strong sense of community, devotion to excellent patient care, and passion for education. I have stayed here because I am now deeply attached to the CHAM patients and their families, I rely on the amazing providers here, and I feel privileged to help train the best pediatric residents ever.